Kindred Spirits Enterprises (KSE) and the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF)have partnered together to empower Latrobe Valley community members to break the cycle of illiteracy and help their children thrive at school and beyond.

ALNF's practice of building the capacity of adults to teach their children ultimately seeks to create lasting change by improving local capabilities and investing in existing community structures and assets. Through this locally led, whole of community approach we hope to create transformative and systemic change in the Latrobe Valley.

ALNF 's Early Language & Literacy (EL&L) program is a best practice program for early years education that incorporates speech and language pathology principles expressly designed to optimise the language and literacy outcomes of vulnerable children aged 0-8. Many of these children suffer from language and development delays, as well as additional challenges resulting from entrenched social disadvantage. The EL&L program consists of an Australian Skills Quality Authority accredited Certificate IV course, skill-building workshops, resource provision and ongoing mentoring for participants and participating sites (e.g. community preschools, out of home care sites etc).

The EL&L program aims to close this gap through:

  • Improving pre-literacy levels of all participating children.
  • Improving children's school readiness in relation to early language and literacy measures.
  • Increasing the skills and capabilities of educators, parents and community members to improve children's preliteracy skills.
  • Building sustainable change and capacity within the community to empower individuals to be their own change makers.

Over the course of the project, EL&L training will focus on the following objectives:

Mentoring and training community members and educators in the EL&L program.

Assisting with the implementation of the program across learning environments, curriculum requirements and other needs.

Delivering parent and community workshops to present pre-literacy strategies, games and activities. Assisting participants to conduct their own pre-literacy testing and analyse the results to implement appropriate strategies with children.

Distributing resources as required. The results across numerous EL&L contexts attest to the program's effectiveness.

We are more than excited about this project!