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The tree of shelf-life

A food scientist from UQ is working with Indigenous Communities to unlock a lucrative industry – using Kakadu Plum to extend the storage life of food.

Plum award for Australian Native food industry collaboration

A powder extracted from the Kakadu plum to extend the shelf life of frozen ready-made foods has earned a University of Queensland researcher and her team a national award for community engagement.

ABC Landline Story: Kakadu Plums

Kakadu or bush plums have the highest known natural vitamin C content in the world. A group of Indigenous women in a remote Top End community are poised to benefit from selling Kakadu plums. But so-called bio pirates are circling in the murky business of locking up the intellectual property around bush foods. A report from Wadeye in the Northern Territory

Shaping Australia’s food identity

A team of researchers are determined to change the Australian menu and move beyond the cliché meat pies and lamingtons to see distinctive Australian cuisine and food products served up.

Packed full of antioxidants, Australian Native foods are going global | ABC News

Australia is famous for lamingtons and the beloved meat pie, but researchers want to transform our traditional cuisine to include native bush foods like Illawarra plums, pindan walnuts and wattleseed.

Kakadu Plum Value Chain

This project brings together existing partners: UQ QAAFI, Kindred Spirits Enterprises – Traditional Homeland Enterprises (T.H.E.) and Charles Darwin University to review the existing value chains within the established Kakadu Plum (KP)/ Gubinge (Terminalia ferdinandiana) industry. This is to address the issue of supplying consistently high quality KP/ Gubinge products to ensure a more reliable supply of products which can better capture market access and grow customer loyalty

Plum Pickings: Ancient Fruit Ripe For Modern Plates

An Indigenous fruit which is one of the earliest known plant foods eaten in Australia could be the next big thing in the bush foods industry.

Beer Made From Boab Tree!

Beer Made From Boab Tree!

An Aboriginal entrepreneur who is making beer from boab trees is one of many Indigenous business owners in WA’s Kimberley bucking the trend when it comes to start-up success.

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