KSF is a Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) and can receive donations from friends and associates of the Directors however are not permitted to solicit donations from the public.

Our donors give confidently knowing their contribution is having profound impact where it is needed most. They know that their resources are being effectively channeled into projects that can enable people and communities to grow and achieve their goals.

We partner with a number of organisations and communities associated with KSF and the Directors. Our partner organisations/communities have a direct link to a Director and are subsequently invited to submit grant applications by the Board.

Donate directly to a KSF Partner Organisations/Communities (Click here for current projects)

KSF partner organisations/communities are all deductible gift recipient (DGR) entities and able to receive tax deductible gifts. Contact KSF to be put in touch with a partner community or the organisation directly

Become a Friend of KSF

We welcome people who believe in and support the philosophy and principles of KSF and are interested in being more involved:

  • Sign up for the newsletter and/or follow us on Facebook (available at the bottom of the home page)
  • Stay in touch with the organisation we partner with
  • Visit the partner organisations that run galleries, cafe’s and other enterprises
  • Expand the awareness of KSF and our partner organisations through your networks and colleagues
  • Contribute your skills and knowledge to specific projects
  • Attend the August KSF Raising Voices Rising Communities annual fundraising event held in conjunction with the Total Funding Network and directly support our partner communities.