Wild weather no match for Marngrook People’s Game

Kindred Spirits was excited to be part of the 3rd annual Marngrook match, held on Sunday November 1st, in Bright, North East Victoria.

The event, organised by Thathangathay Foundation and Bright P12 College, in association with Dhudhuroa Waywurru Nations Aboriginal Corporation, the Thathangathay Foundation and Kindred Spirits, was a high kicking, high leaping and high energy event, despite the threatening rain and dramatic thunder and lightning.

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Kindred Spirits and the Thathangathay Foundation held an interactive participation stall at the Alpine Community Fair as part of the pregame activities; offering face painting, raffles, information dissemination, didgeridoo painting and a chance to engage and chat with the members of the Wadeye community of Darwin and the local Dhuduroa people.   A highlight of the afternoon was the traditional chant and ritual, held in the hope of deterring the rain.

Prior to the official match, the players and spectators, including well known Collingwood player Ben Reid, participated in a smoking ceremony, walking through the smoke to be cleansed, before a Welcome to Country address from the attending elders.

The Marngrook game, captained by former Essendon player Nathan Lovett-Murray (The Dhudhuroa Blacks) and Chris Bgulkur (the Murrinh-patha Reds), kicked off with commentary in traditional indigenous language, with all players representing support for one another and a spirit of cooperation. More than 80 past and present Bright College students, staff and community members, along with members of the Wadeye and Dhuduroa peoples took to field to participate in the traditional no-contact game, played with a round possum skin ball, known as a djinabi.

After a rain soaked, but fun filled game, the Murrinh-patha Reds were announced by the elders as the winning team.

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  1. Pauline Shennan says

    All the best at Bright Tomorro .Sorry I can’t be there to cheer your Team on..Have fun.

    • Ann Shanley says

      Thanks Pauline, we had a great day.

  2. vanessa says

    Hi just wondering if they will be putting this special game on tv the marn grook game in bright and if they are what channel.

    • Ann Shanley says

      No Vanessa, but it is a good idea and we will try to get organised for next year

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