Our Focus

Our primary focus is working with First Nations entrepreneurs and their communities to support their leadership and participation in the Australian native botanicals industry. Our partners are located across Northern Australia and are suppliers to the food and beverage markets.

Emerging Markets

Demand for premium Australian products is growing in both the domestic and export markets, capitalising on consumer interest in the provenance and heritage of foods

Novel Ingredients

Australian native botanicals are nutrient-dense, climate-resilient and biologically unique. Many species are high in bioactive health promoting phytochemicals, and antioxidants.

Unique Products

Native botanicals are being used to enhance product lines across multiple industries including functional foods and preservatives, bush foods and beverages.

Australian Native Botanicals

First Australians have used indigenous plants for over 65,000 years for their nutritional and medicinal value. There are about 6,000 recorded types of native foods in Australia including fruits, seeds, nuts and herbs.

Social Outcomes

This industry presents an unprecedented opportunity for First Australians to develop livelihoods, aligned with their aspirations to work on and care for country.
Native Yellow Eucalyptus Plant

Our Outcomes

knowledge sharing
new jobs & skills
confident successful entrepreneur
strong & engaged families & communities
thriving resilient communities
sustainable enterprise
strong industry
health country
healthy valuable products