Ann Shanley

Ann Shanley, director and a founding member of KSF, thrives on liaising and talking with groups and individuals with the hope of supporting people, operationalising objectives for organisations, linking expertise and actively seeking out opportunities that support communities of people to continued success and sustainability.

As a consultant and senior project manager across several environments, Ann has been applauded for her commitment to strategic policy development, planning and management initiatives, and extensive research and analysis in such arenas as integrated child protection, substitute care, disability services, juvenile justice and family work.

When she’s not assisting the Kindred Spirits Foundation with requirements relating to business models, communications, compliance and governance, you can find Ann utilising her social work degree to offer her expertise to a range of community leaders from government to industry; from businesses to unions; and from community groups to friends.

Ann is a doer, a thinker, an advocate and an action driver.