Rebecca Crawley

Bright P-12 College is building a culture where learning is seen as a lifelong process and where excellence is promoted in academic, creative, social, citizenship and sporting pursuits. The achievements of students, staff and others in the school community are valued, acknowledged and publicised.The College fosters self-esteem and values individuals by providing an environment where they can feel safe and supported in their endeavours.

Rebecca also contributes to cross-cultural training, learning, and adventure through projects such as Rammed Earth and Marn Grook games in the town of Bright. The Gunditjmara language word Marn Grook translates as game ball. Many believe that Australian Rules Football originated from a traditional game, like Marn Grook, that was played with a possum skin ball throughout Victoria. Bright College organised a Marn Grook match in Bright inviting Indigenous and non Indigenous members of the community to participate.