What do we do?

The Little Village Project is a community led initiative to support Traralgon’s most vulnerable children.
Our goal is to work with Primary Schools to help them engage their most disadvantaged students and support them to thrive.

TLVP House
Red Fruits In Hand

How we do this.

We seek funding from the community to provide direct support to students to help them overcome the barriers that are impacting on their learning.

Our focus and support is provided into two main categories:
• Getting kids to school, ready to learn.
• Keeping them at school and helping them to reach their potential.

We understand that schools are uniquely positioned to be able to identify areas of need based on the relationships they have with vulnerable children and their families.


Who is eligible?

Our project is designed for primary school aged children who have experienced trauma, family violence, child protection intervention and other adverse early childhood experiences.
After all, early intervention is the best intervention!


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How do i get involved?

You can donate to The Little Village Project via our parent-organisation, Kindred Spirits Enterprises. Every dollar can make a difference!

Your contribution might purchase a child a much needed pair of glasses, or a pair of shoes for a student who simply doesn’t have any.

Your contribution might make it possible for a child to attend a camp with their friends, or to pay for a bus fare so a student can get themself to school.

Your contribution might fund counselling sessions for a child who has experienced abuse and neglect, or make it possible for a child to connect with other health professionals when they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity.

We are able to provide you with a Tax-Deductible receipt for any donation via our Gift Fund Account.