Native Botanicals – Wholesale Business

T.H.E. Kakadu Plum is a native botanicals wholesale business and a fully-owned subsidiary of Kindred Spirits Enterprises. It was established to support growth in the demand and supply of high quality native botanical ingredients from traditional owner enterprises.

T.H.E. Kakadu Plum primarily supplies bulk Kakadu plum powder, frozen purée and whole fruit to the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Quality Products

We source premium quality products for customers from carefully selected Indigenous suppliers across Northern Australia.

Respectful Partnerships

We partner with Aboriginal people on their land to facilitate local self-sustaining enterprises that focus on the value of the natural resources, ensure long term stability and preserve and promote Indigenous culture, intellectual property, knowledge and tradition.

Community Value

We take an integrated approach to the creation of economic, social and value with Indigenous enterprises and communities. This includes a strong focus on employment and enterprise development, community benefit sharing, and respect for traditional knowledge and culture.

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We Provide Customers With Consistent, High Quality Product That Is:

  • Safe – rigorous science / testing and HACCP certification
  • Authentic – sourced from traditional
  • owner partners

  • Traceable – from harvest to customer
  • Healthy, tasty and nutritious
  • Ethically and sustainably produced

We Work With Our Customers To Deliver:

  • Guaranteed supply volumes
  • Well-designed benefit sharing
  • Design for future supply
  • Industry building for longevity
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