About Kindred Spirits

Our Story

Kindred Spirits Enterprises is a social change organisation. We create enterprises and support entrepreneurs to build sustainable livelihoods and social impact.

Our Vision

Thriving, resilient communities and country.

Our Values

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We create opportunities for local communities, and act with generosity and compassion.
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We build upon local community experience to connect and grow and act with integrity, doing what we say we’ll do.
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We listen, embracing and learning from the diversity of local communities and each individual within these communities.
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We support fresh approaches and find place based solutions, proactively seeking new ways to work and create positive change.

Our Background

Kindred Spirits Enterprises was inspired by the work of Kindred Spirits Foundation. This is our background……

Kindred Spirits Foundation was established in 2008 by Rhonda Renwick. It is a Private Ancillary Fund (PAF), led by family and friends. The Foundation grants to organisations that deliver community health and well-being programs. In 2018, Kindred Spirits Foundation celebrated its 10 years anniversary with partners, collaborators and community.

In recent years, the directors of the Foundation saw opportunities for creating social change through a different type of organisation – one that incubates and accelerates social ventures. This led to the establishment of Kindred Spirits Enterprises in 2017.

Kindred Spirits Enterprises is a public charity. It incubates early stage social ventures and supports communities to build sustainable livelihoods and scale social impact.

The current focus of Kindred Spirits Enterprises is working with Aboriginal enterprises and communities to support the development of the native botanicals industry across Australia, predominantly in the north. It is also supporting community collaboration and early learning in the Latrobe Valley.

Kindred Spirits Foundation and Kindred Spirits Enterprises share the same values of respect, initiative, kindness and care. They also have some common partnerships and collaborators. From time to time, the Foundation and Kindred Spirits Enterprises work together to fund, support and celebrate initiatives and their teams. They draw on their respective strengths and networks to progress a shared vision – that Australian communities can fulfill their aspirations for good health, well-being and resilience.

Our Approach

Kindred Spirits Enterprises works with individuals, small groups and families, community organisations, enterprises and big business. We approach every relationship and collaboration from a place of deep respect for people and a desire to create mutual value.


We collaborate with values-aligned individuals and organisations.


We build on our strengths and that of our collaborators.


We back the aspirations of communities through all aspects of our work.
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Working In Partnership With First Australians

We seek to support the leadership and full participation of First Australians in the sectors in which we work.

Read our “Working Together” Principles. Our commitments include:

  • We champion the rights of First Australian’s to self-determination.
  • We seek full consent for the use of Indigenous communities’ traditional knowledge.
  • We proactively and respectfully share information that may impact on or benefit Indigenous communities.

Our Strategy

Our vision is that First Nations enterprises, together with their communities, have the opportunity and the support to fully participate in and benefit from a thriving Australian native botanicals industry.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Support the industry to develop with the leadership of First Nations people.
  2. Build capability with First Nations entrepreneurs and their communities to participate in viable livelihood activities in native botanicals.  
  3. Build the capability of native botanicals customers and the broader Australian community to understand the unique value of ethically supplied, native botanical ingredients and products.  
  4. Stimulate demand for high quality native botanical ingredients and products to grow the market. 
  5. Grow supply of native botanical ingredients and products with First Nations enterprises and their communities.
  6. Improve access to the financial and in-kind benefits of the native botanicals industry for First Australians, as the industry grows.
  7. Facilitate access to the health and nutrition benefits of native botanical products, as determined by First Nations people.
Kindred Spirits' Strategy Points