At Kindred Spirits, we believe in thriving communities filled with healthy and fulfilled people.

Through partnerships with not-for-profits and other community-based groups, we’re seeing projects like ‘The Little Village Project’ and ‘Regen Gippsland’ that will make life better for local people. 

Our Approach

Our unique approach can provide your project with seed funding to help get it on a sustainable footing, develop a funding strategy and advocate on its behalf, or connect the project with other like-minded organisations to help it grow and thrive.

Our Why

The lives of people of all ages and from all walks of life have already been made richer and more fulfilled through these partnerships.



We create opportunities for local communities, and act with generosity and compassion.


We build upon local community experience to connect and grow and act with integrity, doing what we say we’ll do.


We listen, embracing and learning from the diversity of local communities and each individual within these communities.


We support fresh approaches and find place based solutions, proactively seeking new ways to work and create positive change.

Kindred Spirits Enterprises continues to evolve but its ethos remains the same: simply put, to help create social change so that people in Gippsland may enjoy better lives.


Shared Value Initiative

Good mental health for workers in any profession is important for their own wellbeing and for maximum productivity in the workplace. The Shared Value Initiative

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