Kindred Spirits Enterprises is a not-for-profit registered charity, allowing tax deductibility for donors.  We and our partners enjoy the financial support of corporate bodies and individuals in our community.  Without them, our various projects would not be possible.

Such support comes in a number of ways, including regular or one-off donations, workplace giving and partnerships. You can also leave a gift in your will or in memory of a friend or family member.

"Workplace giving is a simple way to make regular, small donations through your employer’s payroll system. Your donations will come from your pre-tax pay, so your tax deduction is immediate without you having to keep and claim receipts.  For your company, workplace giving with KSE can bring your team together to support community-based enterprise and sustainable livelihoods."

Donors can rest assured that no administration fees are taken from donations, meaning all funds raised go directly to the nominated project or to KSE itself to enable our life-changing work to continue.

Use the box below to ask how you can support the community-led projects that KSE is involved in.  Thank you.

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