Shared Value Initiative

Good mental health for workers in any profession is important for their own wellbeing and for maximum productivity in the workplace.

The Shared Value Initiative sees Kindred Spirits Enterprises working with the Black Dog Institute to provide mental health training to businesses across Gippsland. These workplaces can then implement a more positive working environment for their staff, resulting in reduced stress and absenteeism and greater achievements in their assigned tasks.

A pilot phase in 2020 and 2021 saw 400 people in the healthcare and transport sectors receive training, with funding support from business, government, and philanthropic sources. Participating businesses in these sectors said they gained a clearer and deeper understanding of workplace mental health across all staff demographics.

Thanks to the pilot’s success, the program received funding from the Department of Fairness, Families and Housing to expand to more businesses. This second phase is currently underway and is expected to end by October 2023.

Our goal
Encourage Gippsland businesses to invest in workforce mental health, leading to reduced absenteeism, improved operations, and a prospering workplace.

How we’re involved
As a project partner, Kindred Spirits Enterprises assists with fundraising, advocacy and stakeholder relations.

Black Dog Institute
Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
Gippsland Regional Executive Forum

Latrobe Health Assembly
Latrobe Health Services
AGL Loy Yang
Australian Sustainable Hardwoods
Hydro Australia
Alan Wilsons Insurance Brokers
Dyers Transports
Committee For Gippsland
Latrobe Valley Bus Lines
McMillan Partners
Latrobe Regional Hospital
SED Partners
Gippsland Water
Latrobe Valley Funeral

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