Regen Gippsland

There are many groups in Gippsland working in their respective fields to help make Gippsland a better place – groups that have an exciting vision and enthusiastic members. While such a group can achieve certain goals in its particular sector, imagine how much more can be gained for Gippsland as a whole if these groups work collaboratively.

Regen Gippsland’s mission is to facilitate that in a way that brings their skills, resources and dreams together. It aims to hold big aspirations for the community and work towards making this a reality through research, projects, and collective action.

As at June 2023, twenty diverse Gippsland organisations are partnering under the Regen Gippsland banner, combining their time and efforts in a more coherent way.

Opportunities are also being provided for people from all walks of life across Gippsland’s many communities to get involved and share their ideas.

Our goal
Guide organisations toward a collaborative approach and vision for the benefit of Gippsland as a whole.

How we’re involved
As a project partner, Kindred Spirits Enterprises assists with project coordination (administration, governance and strategic planning), advocacy and stakeholder relations.

Funding Partners
WWF Australia

Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective

More Projects


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