Introducing the Regen Gippsland team

Community leaders Alex Lieb and Sarah Tate to lead ambitious Regen Gippsland project on behalf of Kindred Spirits Enterprises

Community leaders Alex Lieb and Sarah Tate have joined Kindred Spirits Enterprises to lead the Regen Gippsland project for the next 12 months.

“We’re gearing up for a journey of positive transformation, community collaboration, and regenerative development across Gippsland, with Alex and Sarah leading the way,” KSE Executive Officer Shaun Mallia said.

“Alex isn’t just a leader; she’s a force for positive change in our community. Her genuine passion for community development lights up every room, and at Kindred Spirits, we’re thrilled to have her steering the ship.

“Sarah’s commitment to positive change is infectious, and we’re fortunate to have her on board as our Strategic Lead to complement Alex, our dynamic Community Lead.”

Together, Alex and Sarah will work with a host of Gippslandians to develop a regenerative community vision for the region.

The idea of exploring Regen Gippsland came up during a series of chats among people and groups looking for a meaningful transformation for our local community.

These talks were hosted by the Gippsland Social Enterprise Collective, which kicked off in early 2020 to create a tight-knit regional network of social enterprises, aiming to boost social, environmental and economic outcomes for Gippsland.

As a crew of individuals and organisations pooling their skills and dreams to revamp our region, it became clear that there was a lot of synergy with the emerging work of Regen Melbourne. To make an even bigger impact, it was time to broaden the perspective and adopt a framework tailored to our local scene.

And so, in July 2022, Regen Gippsland and the alliance was born.

What is Regen Gippsland

Regen Gippsland is a platform for ambitious collaboration, in service of our region. It’s a collective effort to weave together the dreams and aspirations of our community. By acting as the host of bold projects, we will work with an alliance of organisations to develop a regenerative community vision for Gippsland.

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