New partnership at Kosciuszko Street Primary School

Founder and heart and soul of The Little Village Project, Ben Tunks has met with Principal, Chelsea Granger and Disability and Inclusion Leading teacher, Fi Ross as they joined as a partnering school of The Little Village Project.

Kosciuszko Street Primary School is embarking on an exciting new partnership with The Little Village Project, aimed at enhancing educational and well-being support for its students.

This collaboration marks a significant step towards ensuring every child’s needs are met, regardless of their background or circumstances.

The Little Village Project is growing in its innovative approach to supporting schools and families by providing access to funding and resources that directly benefit students’ educational journeys. By joining forces with Kosciuszko Street Primary School, the project aims to create a supportive environment where every child can engage with their learning.

Principal Chelsea Granger is excited about the collaboration. She is optimistic that the partnership will support problem-solving, observations and recommendations for student support that are co-designed by staff and families.

The partnership will enable Kosciuszko Street Primary School to access funding for various educational and well-being needs that would otherwise not be available to students. This support is expected to help to level the playing field and promote equal opportunities for all.

The Little Village Project founder, Ben Tunks, is delighted to be extending their reach to Kosciuszko Street Primary School, the third school in Traralgon they are partnered with.

While talking with Fiona Ross, Ben outlined his belief in the power of community support to transform educational outcomes. By partnering with schools like Kosciuszko Street Primary, he hopes The Little Village Project can make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families.

For more information about The Little Village Project, including ways to get involved or contribute, please view our Projects page.

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