A regenerative Gippsland is: Connected through Culture, Resilient, Full of Life, Healthy and Prosperous.

What a beautiful collective vision for Gippsland!

Regen Gippsland recently launched their collective vision alongside the first version of a Gippsland Doughnut and the Community Insights Report.  These were informed by over one hundred conversations with Gippslanders during various events including our strategy day and our three community forums. During these forums we explored what a regenerated Gippsland could look like through the lens of Regen Tourism & Affordable Housing, Food and Fibre, as well as New Energy. Not only did we look at previous work, we also discussed potential barriers and explored future opportunities to shape a roadmap for our beautiful region.

The Gippsland Doughnut, inspired by the Doughnut Economy model developed by Kate Raworth, encapsulates a vision where economic activities are aimed at achieving A Balance Between Social Foundations And Ecological Boundaries. This innovative approach encourages businesses, policymakers, and community members to rethink traditional economic metrics and embrace holistic measures of prosperity. 

How can we bring everyone into the Safe and Just space of the Doughnut you may ask.

By caring for each other and ensuring that our basic needs such as housing, education, food, social equity and energy are met. While simultaneously healing and reconnecting to country and each other, we have a great chance to bring those ecological boundaries like biodiversity loss, land conversion, air pollution, ocean acidification and climate change back into the safe space where people and planet can thrive.

But what does a regenerative and distributive Wellbeing Economy look like?

Creating a Wellbeing Economy in Gippsland involves nurturing local businesses that prioritise ethical practices, supporting initiatives that enhance community resilience, and ensuring equitable access to essential services such as healthcare, education, and housing. By valuing local knowledge, fostering innovation and promoting regenerative practices, we can build a thriving economy that benefits all residents while safeguarding our natural environment for future generations. Here are a few ideas of what that could look like from our Local Learning Lab.

Our Community Insights Report not only assesses the current state and needs of our community across three key areas, but also outlines actionable insights and next steps for fostering a more inclusive and resilient economy. It serves as a foundational resource for stakeholders to understand the challenges and opportunities ahead, guiding informed decision-making and collective action.

Regen Gippsland is currently working on realising our next steps researching and measuring where Gippsland is at with each of the social and environmental boundaries to formulate ambitious goals for us to collectively work towards. This will be a great tool for anyone working and living in Gippsland as it will give clear measurements on how we are tracking and where we need to go.

Would you like to help us bring this vision to life and help drive ambitious cross-sector collaboration in Gippsland? Then come and join our Community here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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